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Association of Independent Discographers – Regional Association of Independent discographers - RUNDA is a voluntary, non-partisan, non-profit, non-governmental association which promotes the interests of record companies or individuals – professionals who make music recordings and who have the status of independent record companies on territories of Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia.


RUNDA was founded on 15th October 2018 by former members of Impala from the region on the initiative and with great support of IMPALA - European head organization of independent music companies and trade organizations.RUNDA tends to represent interests of  it's members - independent discographers, producers of phonograms on acting territory, as well as representing their interests in relations with other common associations in Europe and the world.


In it’s work RUNDA advocates, among other things, growth and protection of copyright and neighboring rights in the region, activities and protection against piracy, development of regional digital market by cooperating with leading global digital services. RUNDA monitors collecting societies in the region and cooperates with them aiming to accomplish the best possible exercise of rights for it’s members, and also informs, educates and trains members at all aspects of record labels business and other aspects of work in the 

 industry. RUNDA also  actively promotes regional recorded music market abroad by attending  music conferences and festivals etc.

Since 2019., Runda organizes regional music conference RUNDA DIGITAL DAY and in 2020. Runda founded the first independent regional music award RUNDA.Runda is member of IMPALA and WIN.

Runda Structure

Managing Board

President :

Dario Draštata 

Vice President :

Nikola Jovanović

member of the Board :

Miran Rusjan

member of the Board :

Đorđe Trbović

member of the Board :

Branko Komljenović

Supervisory Board

President :

Frane Tomašić

Vice President :

Lina Ugrinovska

member of the Board :

Darjo Rot

Advisory board

Stomp, Impala, NL

Kees Van Weijen

Impala, BE

Didier Gosse

Playground Music Scandinavia, SWE

Jonas Sjostrom

Glitterbeat & tak:til Records, GER

Chris Eckman

Heil, HU

Csaba Nasz

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