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Dom Omladine Belgrade,


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RUNDA DIGITAL DAY is a music conference organised by the Regional Association of Independent Discographers (RUNDA). The conference brings together indie record labels from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Montenegro..


This marks the fifth edition of the Round Digital Day conference, which will be held in two cities. The event will occur on November 15 in Belgrade at DomOmladine Beograda and on December 5 in Zagreb at Wespa.


Music professionals from across the region, Europe, and the world will gather in Belgrade on the 15th. There, they will discuss current topics in the music industry, such as digital distribution, digital rights, knowledge exchange, best business practices, and the presentation of the latest trends through a series of panels and presentations.

The conference, attended by over 40 speakers from both abroad and the region, put a strong emphasis on the usage of AI (artificial intelligence) in the music industry. Other topics discussed included the promotion of concerts and festivals through digital tools and platforms, music synchronisation in film and TV production, music start-ups, and addressing current issues like environmental sustainability in the music industry.

The Belem project, financed by the European Union through the Creative Europe program and in which RUNDA is a partner, will be presented at the conference. Additionally, WIN - Worldwide Independent Network, a global network of independent associations, will showcase its work and initiatives. Previously, Runda Digital Day has introduced popular global streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, and others to the region. This year, the conference will showcase the launch of a new global streaming service -Lissen, along with a presentation by one of the top global streaming leaders in the market, Deezer. The event will host approximately 40 speakers from across the world


We are looking forward to hosting representatives from IMPALA, WIN, Deezer, Domino Records, PIAS, Better Noise Music, CMU, Deepgroves Music, AudioSalad, The Orchard, Believe, Pop-Up Music, Figaro, Lissen, among others, will participate.


One of the conference's highlights will be Rob Garza from Thievery Corporation. He will participate in a discussion about his new label start-up and perform a DJ set at the after-party.


Runda Digital Day on November 15 aims to be the global epicentre for the music industry. It connects regional professionals with their counter parts worldwide.

RUNDA DIGITAL DAY is organised with the support of MERLIN, IMPALA, the platform SERBIA CREATES MUSIC, and companies AIR SERBIA, HONOR, Hotel MOSKVA, Ana & Vlade Divac Foundation, and the US EMBASSY in Serbia. All Runda, Impala, and WIN members have free access to register for the conference on a 'first come, first served' basis due to the limited number of available seats.
Simply, send an email to:

For all others, tickets for the conference or a pro-pass, which includes entranceto the Rob Garza DJ set at the after-party, can be purchased on the eFinity platform at

If you're planning to come from outside of Serbia to join us, we've got some exciting travel and accommodation packages that you wouldn't want to miss out on! Reach out to us to learn more and make your trip planning a breeze.

Meet Our Speakers

Angel Labrusse_edited.jpg

Angel Labrusse

Impala Music

Digital and Public Affairs Manager.

Al Hamad Sara 0007 (2)_edited.jpg

Sara Al Hamad


Senior Paralegal

Ruth Koleva_edited.jpg

Ruth Koleva

SoAlive Music Conference // ANMIP


Vol. 5.0


is about inspiration, knowledge and expert opinions from the world of music and media. We invite you to discuss effective brand communication.

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